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Today, leasing is a very popular way to acquire a new vehicle.

Put simply, leasing is a bit like renting a car or van. However, instead of renting it for a weekend or even a month, you agree to rent it for a longer period of time – this can be anything from 12 months up to 5 years.

You pay a fixed amount each month for use of the vehicle, then, when the contract ends, you simply return it. For peace of mind, many choose to include optional maintenance within the contract which means that the MOT, servicing and any other costs are covered within the monthly payment.

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How does it work?

We’ve put together this handy guide to show you the steps involved in the leasing process – from initial contact through to receiving your vehicle.


Finance options

There are a variety of different ways to finance your car or van lease, each type of finance agreement has it's own benefits and drawbacks. The vast majority of our customers want to finance their vehicles with a contract hire agreement but we can provide alternative ways for you to finance a lease, should they be of interest to you. We're here to help you make the right decision for your own set of circumstances. You can check your options below or just give us a call today to discuss your needs.


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Wear and tear guide

You’ll see mentioned on the website that with a contract hire agreement you need to adhear to a ‘fair wear and tear’ policy. Fair wear and tear occurs when normal usage causes deterioration to a vehicle. Here we’ve set out for you exactly what fair wear and tear actually means that so that you’re in the know.


Wear and Tear

Glossary of terms

The leasing industry is awash with jargon and acronyms! We want to be as transparent as possible so we've put together a handy glossary to help you out.

Frequently asked questions

Leasing is an agreement between the funder and a customer which allows you to drive a brand-new car for a fixed term. You pay an agreed initial payment plus regular monthly payments at a set amount for the term of the contract. At the end of the contract, you simply return the car.

Leasing has always been a popular option for businesses to acquire vehicles. More recently we’ve seen the personal market leasing grow rapidly as people look to avoid depreciation and one-off large repair bills. Essentially leasing a car or van allows you to spread the cost effectively. People may also find it’s an affordable way to get a higher value vehicle than they could afford if they were to buy it outright.

We’ve been established for over 20 years and in that time, we have built up extensive knowledge of the marketplace and have developed strong relationships with manufacturers, dealerships and funding companies. Our financial standing and size give us buying power - we purchase stock vehicles and larger volumes of vehicles at very competitive prices which means we can offer low prices to our customers. We can also offer some in-house funding if credit is an issue – if you’ve just started a company for example and would struggle to get credit from a funder.

Our contracts range from 12 to 60 months depending on the vehicle and contract chosen. If you want to try a new car for a period before committing to a 12 month+ contract we can offer short term leasing from 3 months to 12 months, inclusive of maintenance, on immediately available vehicles from our wholly owned premium and specialist fleet.

There isn’t really any difference between contract hire and leasing - essentially, they mean the same thing. Contract hire is generally the term used when describing a business leasing agreement.

Businesses don’t pay VAT on leasing contracts so this can be a good way to reduce your costs. However, if you have a limited company, depending on the company car tax implications, you may prefer to lease a car personally. If you’d like some advice on what’s best for your particular set of circumstances, just give us a call.

Generally we can't offer test drives directly as we don't have a traditional forecourt like a dealership. However we do have relationships with dealers around the UK who we may be able to recommend for test drives. We also have our own fleet of rental cars across 7 AMT Vehicle Rental branches. So if you live near one, we may have the vehicle you want on our fleet. Just ask us how we can help you with test drives and make sure you come back to us when you know what you want so we can get you the best deal.

We can offer a part exchange service. Just complete our online form or alternatively speak to one of our account managers who will be able to help you.

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