Leasing guides

We’ve put together a range of leasing guides so you can learn more about personal leasing and business leasing. So even if you’re just exploring your options right now, there’s a guide for you!

A guide to car depreciation

Understanding how depreciation works and what you can do to reduce it's impact is key when you are looking to buy or lease a car. Our guide covers this and more.

A guide to personal leasing

This guide offers a detailed introduction to personal leasing. We cover the benefits, restrictions, the jargon, eligibility criteria and more.

A guide to business leasing

A guide to business leasing

If you're new to business leasing, then read our handy guide on the expected costs, benefits, the business leasing process and eligibility criteria.

How leasing works

We've broken down the leasing process into just five easy steps. See what's required from you and us to get you motoring.

Personal finance options guide

In this guide we discuss the different ways to finance your car. Personal contract hire, personal contract purchase, hire purchase and lease purchase are discussed in detail.

Business finance options guide

There are four main ways to finance your vehicle through a business. In this guide, each option is discussed in detail.

Should you lease or buy your next car?

Unsure of whether to lease or buy your next car? To help you decide, we've put together some key points you need to consider.

What are the extra costs of car leasing?

If you’re looking to lease a car, you may be wondering which costs are included and the extras you'll have to pay for. Read our guide for the full picture.

Car leasing with insurance: How it works

Understand what all about car insurance as part of your lease. With tips to reduce your premiums.

Choosing a car that is ideal for you

So you've decided you want to lease, but which car should you choose? Here's the criteria you should use to help make that all-important decision.

Wear and tear guide

We adhear to the BVRLA's wear and tear guidelines. Read about what is acceptable damage and what type of damage will result in a charge when you return your vehicle at the end of the contract.

Yearly mileage and excess mileage charges

This guide provides an overview of mileage, how it impacts on your lease costs and excess mileage charges.

Returning your leased car

This guide looks at what happens when it's time to give your car back to the leasing company.

Should I join a company car scheme or take car allowance?

This guide explores the pros and cons of joining a company car scheme or taking a car allowance.

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