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About leasing

What is leasing?

Leasing is an agreement between the funder and a customer which allows you to drive a brand-new car for a
fixed term. You pay an agreed initial payment plus regular monthly payments at a set amount for the term
of the contract. At the end of the contract, you simply return the car.

Why would you lease instead of buying a car or van?

Leasing has always been a popular option for businesses to acquire vehicles. More recently we’ve seen the
personal leasing market grow rapidly as people look to avoid depreciation and one-off large repair bills.
Essentially, leasing a car or van allows you to spread the cost effectively. People may also find it’s
an affordable way to get a higher value vehicle than they could afford if they were to buy it outright.

Why should I lease from AMT Leasing?

We’ve been established for over 20 years and in that time, we have built up extensive knowledge of the marketplace
and have developed strong relationships with manufacturers, dealerships and funding companies. Our financial
standing and size give us buying power – we purchase stock vehicles and larger volumes of vehicles at very
competitive prices which means we can offer low prices to our customers. We can also offer some in-house
funding if credit is an issue – if you’ve just started a company for example and would struggle to get
credit from a funder.


Who is the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle?

If you take out a contract hire agreement the finance company is the registered owner and keeper.

Choosing the right leasing option

How long is the contract hire or lease period?

Our contracts range from 12 to 60 months depending on the vehicle and contract chosen. If you want to try a
new car for a period before committing to a 12 month+ contract we can offer short term leasing from 3 month
to 12 months, inclusive of maintenance, on immediately available vehicles from our wholly owned premium and
specialist fleet.

What’s the difference between contract hire and leasing?

There isn’t really any difference between contract hire and leasing – essentially, they mean the same thing.
Contract hire is generally the term used when describing a business leasing agreement.

Should I take out a personal leasing contract or business leasing?

Businesses don’t pay VAT on leasing contracts so this can be a good way to reduce your costs. However, if you
have a limited company, depending on the company car tax implications, you may prefer to lease a car personally.
If you’d like some advice on what’s best for your particular set of circumstances, just give us a call.

Can I take my chosen vehicle for a test drive?

Generally we can’t offer test drives directly as we don’t have a traditional forecourt like a dealership. However
we do have relationships with dealers around the UK who we may be able to recommend for test drives. We also
have our own fleet of rental cars across 7 AMT Vehicle Rental branches. So if you live near one, we may have
the vehicle you want on our fleet. Just ask us how we can help you with test drives and make sure you come
back to us when you know what you want so we can get you the best deal.

Will you part exchange my car?

We can offer a part exchange service. Just complete our online form or alternatively speak to one of our account managers who will be able to help you.


How soon can I get my car?

We have a range of vehicles in stock which can be delivered to you within 2 weeks. For other vehicles, we will
go to our dealers in the first instance, but if a factory order is necessary this can take up to 14 weeks
to be delivered. If a car is a new model or a re-launch it can take even longer.

Who supplies the vehicles?

All our vehicles are supplied through the relevant vehicle manufacturers UK dealer network.

Is delivery and collection included?

We offer free UK mainland delivery, where your vehicle will be driven to your required destination. Delivery
can be made by transporter, but you will incur a fee. Collection depends on the type of contract taken.

Can I specify a time I’d like for my vehicle to be delivered?

You can request a morning or afternoon delivery slot for your new vehicle to be delivered. If you need a specific
time, do let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your request.

The financials

What is the initial deposit?

While a minimum one payment upfront is available, typically an initial deposit of 3 monthly payments is required.
The larger the deposit you give, the lower your monthly payments will be. Our prices are advertised with
9 months deposit paid up front but you do have the functionality available to change the initial deposit
and see how that effects your monthly payment.

When are the initial rental and monthly payments taken?

Dates for the initial rental and monthly payments are dependent upon the finance provider. Some providers take
the initial rental within 14 days of delivery of the vehicle, whilst others take payment before delivery
is booked. Monthly payments are usually taken one month after delivery of the vehicle on a date set by the
finance provider.

Who provides the funding for the car?

We have established long-term partnerships with 7 main funding companies out of a possible 12. They are Arval,
Lex, ALD, Hitachi, Leasys, Santander and Blackhorse.

Warranty and breakdown

Do vehicles have a warranty?

Yes, all our vehicles come with the full UK manufacturer’s warranty for your piece of mind.

What if I need a replacement vehicle?

If your contract included an optional relief vehicle then this can be arranged by calling the maintenance number
provided by the finance company. Without a relief vehicle option a hire car can be arranged at preferential
rates through our rental operation (see

Is roadside assistance included?

Yes, all vehicles include either 12 months or 3 years breakdown recovery, depending on the manufacturer.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

Within the car or van book pack there will be an emergency number to contact day or night.


How many miles a year am I allowed to do in my vehicle?

We will agree an annual mileage limit with you before you take out the contract. The mileage bands can be from
5,000 up to 50,000 miles depending on the funder.

What if I exceed the agreed mileage on the contract?

If you go over the agreed mileage limit you will incur an excess mileage charge. The price you will pay is
outlined on your original quotation and official finance document. Any mileage over the contract is charged
at the excess mileage rate charged in pence per mile. As an example, if the excess was 4 pence per mile then
for 1000 miles over contract you would be charged £40.

Why does the price increase as the annual mileage increases?

The more miles you do in your car, the greater the depreciation which means the car will be worth less, just
as you’d experience with a car you own. As a result, the funder charges more to cover the loss in vehicle

Tax and insurance

Will the contract include road fund licence?

Yes, either for the duration of the contract or 12 months. This will depend the type of contract taken.

Is car insurance included in the lease?

The lease contract does not include insurance. However, we have a partner that we can refer you to who can
offer you competitive rates. Just let your account manager know that you’re interested in taking out car
insurance and they can arrange for you to receive a competitive quote.

Maintenance and servicing

Is maintenance included?

Maintenance is an optional cost and includes all servicing, tyres, brakes, exhaust, battery and labour. For
further details please ask a member of the team.

What happens when I need a vehicle serviced or repaired?

If you included maintenance in the contract you will receive a maintenance contact number from the finance
company from which you can book the vehicle into a local approved garage. Upon request you may also be able
to request free vehicle collection and delivery.

End of contract

What are my options at the end of the contract?

This depends on the type of contract taken but usually you can either hand the car back, extend the contract,
or purchase the vehicle from the finance company or third party (dependent upon the funder).

What happens at the end of the lease contract?

At the end of the lease you can either arrange for the vehicle to be collected or you can extend the contract
on a month by month basis (dependent upon the funder).

What happens if I want to end the lease early?

Contact AMT to request an early termination quotation.

Can I buy the car at the end of the agreement?

This option is available on some of our finance options. One of our account managers can provide you with more
information if this of interest to you.

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