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Van leasing is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to minimise their initial outlay on acquiring commercial vehicles and reduce risk too. Whether you’re a lone tradesman who requires a van for your day-to-day transport for you and your working materials, or you’re a large business that requires a fleet of vans, we’re here to help.

What are the benefits of
van leasing with AMT?

We have access to all van manufacturers and a wide range of funders. We have an in-house team of van lease deal specialists who will work with you. If you have a monthly budget, a size of van you need or a preferred lease length then we can find a match to meet all your criteria.

Fleet Management with AMT

Fleet Management

Looking for six or more vans? Then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will assign you with a dedicated fleet management consultant who will visit your business and discuss your business needs in detail. From there, we will put together a tailored solution for you. Save yourself the time and hassle and let us do the legwork for you.

Limited credit, no problem

If you are seeking a business leasing agreement and you are a start-up with great potential or a more established business with some credit history challenges, credit doesn’t have to be a barrier to acquiring your new van if you have some capital to commit. We have a range of in-house funding options to get you the new van you want.

No credit, no problem at AMT

Options to finance your van lease

We offer a range of possible finance options for business contract hire and leasing customers, each with their own benefits, allowing the financial package to be matched to your requirements.

Business contract hire (BCH)

Business contract hire (or business leasing) is by far the most popular method by which businesses lease their vans with AMT. With Business contract hire you pay a monthly over a set period of time, typically between 2 to 5 yeats. At the end of the contract term the van is returned to us and you can choose to take our another business lease.

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The other options available are:

Business contract purchase (BCP)

With this option, as with contract hire, you pay fixed monthly instalments but at the end of the contract you are given the option to purchase the van at an agreed price.

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Business hire purchase (HP)

Hire purchase allows you to effectively hire the van for a fixed amount of time and you pay monthly instalments until the value of the van is paid. After that time, you own the van.

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Business lease purchase (BLP)

At the start of the agreement, a monthly fee is agreed and the amount the ‘balloon payment’ will be. A balloon payment is the final payment at the end of the contract which must be paid to cover the vans residual value.

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Ready to choose your van?

We aren’t tied to any van manufacturer and so we bring you the best lease deals from across the market. If you’re looking for a replacement van, want some advice on choosing the right van for your new business or simply want to see what you can get for your budget, we can help. Try out our van search facility now or give us a call to discuss. We’re confident we can find you the right lease deal.

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