We’re here to make leasing a car or van as easy and convenient for you as possible. To enhance your leasing deal, we can offer you a wide range of additional bolt-on services, from maintenance packages to vehicle tracking tools and more.

Get the Maintenance Service package


A comprehensive vehicle maintenance package can be added to your car or van leasing contract for an additional fixed monthly cost. This will cover the cost of all servicing, brakes, replacement tyres, even punctures. A maintenance package is a popular choice as it gives you peace of mind that any repairs can be easily arranged and the costs are all covered within your maintenance fee, with no unexpected surprises. Read on for more information or ask your account manager for further details.

No credit, no problem at AMT

Part exchange

Selling a vehicle before you take out your lease can be a hassle which is why we offer our customers a part exchange service. We will provide you with a fair market value for your existing vehicle which you can then choose to offset against your lease contract or we can simply pay you the agreed amount. We can even collect your old vehicle from you. Just complete our free car valuation form to find out how much your vehicle could be worth.

Trackstar tracking with AMT

SmarTrack stolen vehicle trackers

Enjoy peace of mind and enhanced security with the stolen vehicle system SmarTrack. A vehicle tracking system can be one of the best ways to deter car thieves and with 86,000 vehicles stolen in the UK in 2016, deterrents are as necessary as ever. If your vehicle is stolen, the vehicle tracker is activated and its location is pinpointed every 20 seconds using GPS technology, which greatly increases the chances of you being able to recover your vehicle quickly.

GAP Insurance with AMT

GAP insurance

Brand-new vehicles can lose up to 60% of their value in the first three years. If your vehicle is in an accident and written off, you will only receive a pay-out from the insurance company for what the vehicle is worth at that time. As a result, you may find your settlement doesn't completely pay off the outstanding finance owed on your vehicle which will leave you with the balance to pay on a vehicle that you no longer have.

GAP insurance will pay the difference between the motor insurer settlement and the outstanding finance on your vehicle.

Fleet management

Businesses who require six or more vehicles can take advantage of our fleet management service. We have dedicated field-based area fleet consultants who have a wealth of knowledge in business leasing and can help guide you through the financials. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment.

Short term leasing

In addition to the standard 2-5-year lease, we can offer our customers something a bit different. We have a range of 6-12-month leasing deals available which can be ideal for customers who want the lower rates that leasing offers but with less commitment.

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