GAP insurance

What is GAP insurance?

As lease cars are typically brand-new and as such can lose up to 60% of their value in the first three years, if your car is written off during the lease, you may find that there’s a significant gap between the value of the car and the amount you still owe on the lease. And with over 450,000 cars written off each year, this can be a real problem to some.

GAP Insurance from AMT

GAP insurance is designed to cover the shortfall between the amount you paid for your car and your insurer’s settlement figure based on the value of the car at the time of the claim. If your vehicle is written off and you have GAP insurance in place, you will receive the difference between the current value of the vehicle and the amount still owed to the finance company up to a specified limit.

We partner with a company called Carbon Insurance Brokers who can provide you with GAP insurance for the duration of your lease agreement. If you’d like a quote for GAP insurance, then let us know, we’ll pass your details on and they will provide you with a quotation.

What’s included in the plan?

  • Cover available for 12/24/36/48/60* months
  • Cover for cars, vans, and motor homes valued up to £125,000
  • Excess covered up to £250
  • Covers vehicles owned for less than 180 days
  • Fitted manufacturers’ accessories covered
  • Option to cover your advance rental/finance deposit up to £3,000 (Contract/Lease Hire GAP only)

*60 months is only available on Contract/Lease Hire GAP

How do I apply?

We will never recommend a product to you which isn’t right for your needs, and the choice is always yours. If you’re interested in taking out GAP insurance as part of your leasing contract, then speak to an account manager and let them know. Alternatively, you can contact Carbon Insurance Brokers directly on

Phone icon 0333 0431300

Next steps

Just let your account manager know you are interested in taking out GAP insurance and they can arrange for you to get a quotation.

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