What is a maintenance package?

Maintenance is an optional additional monthly cost that covers you for servicing, replacement tyres and all costs associated with mechanical and electrical repairs as well as bulbs, batteries, exhausts and so on. Maintenance packages are available to both business and personal leasing customers on all cars and vans.

Why choose a maintenance agreement?

There are a number of reasons why people may choose to take out a maintenance package, or maintenance agreement along with their leasing contract. Some of the potential benefits are outlined below.

Peace of mind

Should the vehicle need any unforeseen repairs, you know you’re covered. Any scheduled services or MOT’s are also included in the monthly cost.

Spread the cost

As you pay for maintenance on a monthly basis, the cost is spread so you can avoid any large bills.

Uninterrupted motoring

If you’ve included the options to have a replacement vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired, there won’t be any inconvenience.

Quality service

Your vehicle will be repaired at an approved garage by qualified technicians.

What’s covered in a maintenance agreement?

A maintenance agreement is provided by the finance company that supplies the finance for your car. Every finance company has its own maintenance agreement so what’s included or excluded may differ slightly from one company to another, although the vast majority of inclusions and exclusions will be the same. The points of difference are usually around whether replacement tyres are included or not. You will receive a full detailed breakdown of what’s included and excluded in your agreement before deciding to go ahead with the plan. It’s important to note that a maintenance does not include the cost of any damage repairs.

Typical inclusions

  • Mechanical and electrical repairs or replacements, including associated parts and labour due to fair wear and tear
  • Bulbs, batteries, exhausts, cam belts, wiper blades, alternators & starter motors
  • MOT tests and all servicing
  • Breakdown cover
  • Unlimited premium branded tyre replacements including valve and balance
  • Free mobile tyre fitting service at a convenient location for you by appointment
  • No recharges for punctures or damaged tyres (dependent upon finance provider)

Any exclusions?

  • Windscreen repairs and / or glass replacement
  • Routine top ups of fluids e.g. engine oil or washer fluid
  • Repairs or replacements due to driver error or driver induced faults and accident damage
  • Missing or broken items e.g. bent aerials, missing hub caps
  • Repairs as a result of accidental damage, vandalism, misuse, theft, frost damage or fuel contamination

Booking in for a service, MOT or repairs

When you take out your leasing and maintenance contract, you will receive a maintenance contact number from the finance company. Just call this number and you can book the vehicle into a local approved garage. Most maintenance packages also come with free vehicle collection and delivery and if you’ve included a courtesy car option, this can be delivered to you when your vehicle is taken away for repair – simple!

How much does a maintenance agreement cost?

Maintenance package costs vary and they’re dependent on the vehicle you choose, the type of contract you take and your expected annual mileage. The more miles you do, the more the wear and tear which will result in a higher maintenance cost. Once you’ve found the vehicle you’re interested in, give us a call and we can provide you with a quote including and excluding maintenance so you can easily compare. Alternatively, you can add this option online to view the price change.

Is it right for me?

We tend to find that motorists who do a high annual mileage, say 20,000 miles or more, would benefit from a maintenance package, simply because parts tend to run out more quickly the more mileage you do. We also find that a maintenance agreement is very popular for business leasing customers who don’t want to pay out for unexpected repairs, or have their vehicle off the road for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Next steps

Just let your account manager know you are interested in getting a maintenance package added to your new lease car and they can arrange this for you.

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